What We Do

Brighton in Need aims to make regular, direct drops to rough sleepers on the streets of Brighton and the surrounding areas. The direct drops are specific, thoughtful and tailored to the essentials that are required. The Christmas drop included 32 ready made rucksacks that contained a thermal hat, gloves, scarf and socks, a waterproof poncho, a thoughtfully prepared toiletry bag, information on the drop in centres, hand and feet warmers, food and other treats. We also distributed 20 brand new sleeping bags, several winter coats, some dog food, roll mats and other items. It was a big success.

In January 2015, 50 brand new rucksacks filled with brand new items including a jumper, t-shirt, thermals, waterproofs, emergency foil blanket, hand and feet warmers, a hot water bottle, a toiletry bag and much much more hit the streets and were all distributed to rough sleepers in just a few hours.

Throughout this year, I plan to make as many drops as I can possibly do. Distributing hot meals, hot drinks, sleeping bags, roll mats and all the other essentials, ideally on a weepy basis.

Brighton in Need also works with the drop in centres in Brighton and the surrounding areas. These organisations offer invaluable services, where rough sleepers can pop in for a few hours a day for food, coffee, a shower and chat with some friendly faces. Some of these centres also offer medical help, laundry facilities and social workers and other services that are designed to help in the next level of the process. These centres rely heavily on donations and support so Brighton in Need aim to provide as much help and support to them as possible by providing them with a constant supply of the essentials that they need too.