Brighton in Need was founded in December 2014 by myself, Lydia Sinclair. It was meant to be 1 girl, 7 days and 1 big mission. I wanted to collect some sleeping bags and rucksacks full of goodies to distribute to the rough sleepers on the streets of Brighton. I started a Facebook page and what unravelled over the following two weeks was incredible. The wonderful people of Sussex went out of their way to help me and my mission, and together we achieved something truly amazing.
That Christmas, with the help and support of the wonderful community, largely in Sussex, but donations came in from as far afield as Canada, I managed to collect and distribute over 100 winter coats, over 80 high quality or brand new sleeping bags, huge amounts of warm winter clothing, hats, gloves and scarves by the truck load, thermals, flasks, tea, coffee, food and toiletries. It was as though I had started a revolution. It was beyond what I ever thought would be possible, and so I just went with it. It was magical.
After Christmas, I took a little time to sleep and catch my breath! What had been created within the community was phenomenal, there was no way in the world I could have walked away and left it there. So with the new year arriving, so too did plans to continue this mission and set up what I hope to be a long term, ongoing success story. Of course, this has only been possible with the help and support of those that have joined this steam train and continue to help and support me in all sorts of ways. Thank you all.